As we near the third month of the COVID-19 landscape, most of us have settled into some type of rhythm. With urgent process changes in the workplace, and home life dynamics evolving to cater to homeschooling and the shared work and study space. Support networks are altered, and we are all learning new ways to cope.

With the increased time at home, smoke alarm compliance is no less important and Safe Home Services has been working with clients and tenants alike to ensure it’s business as usual when it comes to safety.

The QLD Legislative changes provided specific guidance in this matter, confirming that existing regulatory obligations such as maintaining smoke alarms, must be permitted to continue, albeit with some flexibility.

With open communication and a reasonable approach, we have been able to inspect the vast majority of properties, with only the most vulnerable pending inspection.  If a tenant advises they are vulnerable, we let the Property Manager know, and keep in touch with the tenant to make specific arrangements to attend as soon as it is safe to do so.

I would like to congratulate our team, the tenants and all the Property Managers out there who have continued to keep the ball rolling, even when faced with these never before seen challenges.

We can only guess what else 2020 has in store for us, but we can all be proud of how we dealt with the obstacles so far!

Stay safe,

Chelsea Bridgett