Smoke detector Program: A Community’s Fire Safety Initiative

A smoke detector program for the elderly recently saved the life of a woman during a fire in her home. She had the smoke detector serviced by firefighters only a few months earlier. Wangaratta Fire Brigade members visited the 81-year-old woman’s home installed the alarm last year and returned to replace the smoke detector batteries [...]

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Smoke Detectors: A Must Know

A fire comes like a thief in the night – It occurs when your defences are down. It can start in seconds, and engulf everything you worked hard for in just minutes. But that doesn’t mean that fire is invincible. One of the easiest ways to protect yourself and your family from fatal fires is [...]

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Residential Smoke Alarms: What Everyone Ought to Know

Queensland now has the most comprehensive residential smoke alarm legislation in Australia. It outlines what kind of residential smoke alarms must be used, where to place the device, and timeline of compliance depending on the type and use of the property. But apart from it being a compliance obligation, why would you work towards aligning [...]

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Smoke Alarm Regulations: The Ultimate Compliance Guide

The Queensland Government has committed to changes that bring the state the most extensive smoke alarm regulations in the country. Tragically, in the past 12 years, over 150 people have died in Queensland house fires. Many will remember the fatal incident in 2011 when 11 people were killed in one house fire. The triggers for [...]

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How to Safely Evacuate a Home After You Hear Your Smoke Alarms

Having smoke alarms will not guarantee 100 percent fire safety. There is still more preparation that you need to keep all the residents in your home safe. During an emergency, everyone in the home needs to know how to react once the fire is detected. Here is what you have to do to safely evacuate [...]

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The Perfect Way to Welcome New Tenants

The arduous search for new tenants is over! You’ve finally found the one – the perfect tenant for the property you’re managing. For you, this is a time to celebrate the much-awaited clinch to the long hours of tenant screening. For your tenants, on the other hand, it might be a different story. An impending [...]

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Tips to Choose the Best Fire Detector for Your Property

When it comes to your property, you don’t want to take chances. You want to install the best fire detector available in the market to ensure fire safety, protection, and compliance. But how exactly are you going to know what smoke alarms to install? Here are tips to help you pick the best fire detector [...]

Smoke Alarm Companies: Tips to Find the Best Provider for Your Property

Smoke alarm companies or service providers are your ultimate partners in ensuring home fire safety. Because of the recent changes in the Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation, a lot of property managers and homeowners in the state are actively looking for the services of smoke alarm companies now more than ever. But with the number of small [...]

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Five Common Misconceptions about House Fire Alarms

We know about Queensland’s strong mandate on the use of house fire alarms. However, there are still some of us who doubt their importance and why they should be in our homes. Sadly, there are a lot of misconceptions about fire alarms that hinder homeowners from complying with regulations. Here are five fallacies about house [...]

Smoke Detector Placement Under the New Legislation

One of the most groundbreaking changes in the new QLD Smoke Alarm legislation is the provision on smoke detector placement. Under the new rules, almost every room in the home must be installed with smoke alarms. These tougher laws are expected to further promote home fire safety throughout Queensland.   Smoke detector placement according to [...]

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