Home Safety and Ways to Promote It

Establishing home safety for your family is, of course, your top priority. Most injuries are predictable and preventable, and you can do so much to make sure that your home environment is as safe as possible. Thankfully, most of these concerns can be addressed quickly by installing devices such as smoke alarms and taking proactive [...]

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Kitchen Fire Safety

Cooking is a fun and relaxing chore that brings family and friends together. It provides an excellent way to express your creativity and love for food. But did you know that cooking is one of the leading causes of home fires and injuries? To prevent cooking fires, it is important to be alert and mindful [...]

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Tips for a Proper Dog CPR

House fire can strike at any moment. Don’t wait for this catastrophic event to happen; you must come up with an emergency plan in place before you need it. Prioritise the protection of your family but don’t forget to save your furry friends! Your pets likewise find it difficult to escape quickly and survive a [...]

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A picture of hope

The damage caused by Hurricane Harvey paints a bleak picture. The number of confirmed deaths continues to rise. Thousands of people and hundreds of pets have been displaced from their homes. Nearly 50,000 houses have been destroyed in southeastern Texas. But in the midst of the catastrophe, we found hope in the goodness of people [...]

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Tips to Avoid Fatal Risks Before, During and After a Bushfire

Bushfires cause loss of life and millions in damage every year in Australia. It creates an absolute threat to many properties during summer, particularly in the hot and dry environment commonly associated with the season. You should be well-prepared to avoid the potential risks that might happen when a devastating bushfire attacks your home. What [...]

Give the Gift of Fire Safety this Mother’s Day

Mothers are the ultimate hyphenates of the world. They can take care of the children, build an empire, deck out a home, and do more super amazing things all at the same time. And the marvel of it all is that they never stop giving everything they have just to ensure we’re safe and sound. [...]

Teaching Children about Fire Safety & Home Smoke Alarms

Fire safety and the importance of home smoke alarms are common topics in schools. But how often do you talk to your kids about them AT HOME? These aren’t exactly exciting topics for children or teens to chat about at the dinner table (compared to say the latest Netflix episodes or fashion trend). However, it’s [...]

Home Fire Safety – The People Who Make It Happen

Home fire safety is not just the responsibility of one person. It’s a collective effort of the entire community, the Government, and individuals. Imagine a world where no one would lose a home or a loved one due to fire. From the look of things, we still have a long way to go before that [...]

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What Fatal Fire Incidents Taught Us

Queenslanders will never forget the fatal fire incidents that happened years ago, which resulted in damage to property, catastrophic injuries, and deaths. As part of lessons learned from these tragedies, we now have stricter rules on the installation of residential smoke detectors and increased focus on fire prevention. These are proof that communities and the [...]

Ways to Keep Your Home Prepared for a Bush fire

Here’s something we can all agree on: The more you prepare your home, the more you will keep it protected from a deadly bush fire. One way to ensure fire safety 24/7 is to install smoke detectors. But apart from having this device, did you know that there are other ways you can contribute to [...]