A picture of hope

The damage caused by Hurricane Harvey paints a bleak picture. The number of confirmed deaths continues to rise. Thousands of people and hundreds of pets have been displaced from their homes. Nearly 50,000 houses have been destroyed in southeastern Texas. But in the midst of the catastrophe, we found hope in the goodness of people [...]

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Pets on a Plane: A Successful Evacuation Story

Bushfires are uncontrolled blaze which can burn acres of land and impact populated areas. They spread quickly and consume everything in their path in mere minutes. Recently, a ferocious bushfire raged through Alberta, Cananda, forcing nearly 90,000 people to evacuate. Both people and animals have been affected by the blaze, and many struggled to keep [...]

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Road Safety During Flooding: Stay Above the Water

Did you know that even just six inches of rapidly flowing waters can take down an adult, 12 inches to topple a small car, and 24 inches to seize a large vehicle? Floods are a powerful force of nature. They are the leading weather-related devastation, killing more than 100 people every year. A majority of those deaths [...]

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Ways to Keep Your Home and Family Safe During a Cyclone

Although Queenslander's have been through strong cyclones before, monster Cyclone Debbie is not one to ignore. The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) forecasts Debbie to be the most destructive cyclone to ever hit Queensland since Yasi in 2011. Just how destructive can this storm be? It is said to bring damaging wind gusts of up to [...]

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15 Seconds

As the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail, and when it comes to being safe, the stakes are high. In some cases, you have as little as 15 seconds to escape a fire so having a plan, wherever you are in the home, is critical to a fast exit. Queensland Fire and [...]

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