Smoke detector Program: A Community’s Fire Safety Initiative

A smoke detector program for the elderly recently saved the life of a woman during a fire in her home. She had the smoke detector serviced by firefighters only a few months earlier. Wangaratta Fire Brigade members visited the 81-year-old woman’s home installed the alarm last year and returned to replace the smoke detector batteries [...]

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Tips for a Proper Dog CPR

House fire can strike at any moment. Don’t wait for this catastrophic event to happen; you must come up with an emergency plan in place before you need it. Prioritise the protection of your family but don’t forget to save your furry friends! Your pets likewise find it difficult to escape quickly and survive a [...]

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A picture of hope

The damage caused by Hurricane Harvey paints a bleak picture. The number of confirmed deaths continues to rise. Thousands of people and hundreds of pets have been displaced from their homes. Nearly 50,000 houses have been destroyed in southeastern Texas. But in the midst of the catastrophe, we found hope in the goodness of people [...]

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Firefighters Save Courageous Kids

A natural disaster brings extreme stress into your life. In any major catastrophe, such as an earthquake, your top priority is to ensure the safety of your loved ones. Here’s an inspiring story of three little angels who were rescued from the rubble of a collapsed building on a quake-hit Italian island. Tragically, two people [...]

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