New Qld Legislation Compliance: The Solution to Your Worries

The clock continues to tick toward the 2022 deadline and as the COVID threat becomes more clearly defined, owners will be in even more need of a clear strategy. If you’re worried about maintaining smoke alarms and ensuring compliance with the new QLD Legislation, a trusted smoke alarm provider can offer the help you need. [...]

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Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation: Dos and Don’ts

The new Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation stamps the state’s resolve to ensure the safety and protection of all residents and properties. It imposes strict requirements that property owners must comply with and introduces significant changes for gradual implementation within ten years. There are a lot of sites on the internet about the new legislation. This [...]

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Ionisation Smoke Alarm: Why It Doesn’t Comply with the New Legislation?

The installation of ionisation smoke alarm used to be allowed in Queensland. But with the new smoke alarm laws in place, the technology requirements have changed. From January 1, 2017, moving forward, all new smoke alarms that will go into every property must only be photoelectric alarms that comply with Australian Standards 3786:2014. The legislation [...]

Your Most Burning Questions about the new QLD Smoke Detector Rules

January 1, 2017, marked the day when Queensland owned the record as the only state in Australia with the most comprehensive smoke detector requirements. For homeowners, landlords, property managers, and residents, this means exerting effort in understanding and complying with the new rules. With the influx of information on the internet about these requirements, it [...]

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Smoke Alarm Legislation Queensland – Why you should comply sooner rather than later

The new Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation requires sold or leased houses to have smoke alarms in place at the time a tenancy agreement or contract of sale is made. But that’s not all there is to the new legislation. The new smoke alarm legislation sets firm rules on the type and number of alarms a [...]

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Change in Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation

The Queensland Government have committed to changes bringing the state the most comprehensive smoke alarm legislation in the country. Tragically, in the past 12 years, over 150 people have died in Queensland house fires. Many will remember the horrifying loss of life in 2011 when 11 people died in one house fire. As of January 1, [...]

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