The clock continues to tick toward the 2022 deadline and as the COVID threat becomes more clearly defined, owners will be in even more need of a clear strategy.

If you’re worried about maintaining smoke alarms and ensuring compliance with the new QLD Legislation, a trusted smoke alarm provider can offer the help you need.

Smoke alarm service providers are your ultimate partners in ensuring home fire safety. Because of the changes in the QLD Legislation, property managers and homeowners in the state are looking for the services of smoke alarm companies now more than ever. But with the number of providers in the market offering similar products and services, how can you be confident a company can meet your smoke alarm needs?

Your smoke alarm provider can affect your compliance with the QLD Legislation

Your property’s compliance with the new QLD Legislation will depend on the capability of your provider to deliver. You would want to hire a team you can trust to take care of the job for you. But how will you know that smoke alarm companies can be trusted with your property?

In this case, Google is your friend. Before committing with any supplier, it’s a good idea to do online research about them first. Know their background, service offers, and cost compared with other smoke alarm companies on your list.

Aside from their service offerings, price list and background, it is helpful for you to know what their customers think about them. Their existing clients can give you a glimpse of the quality of service they will provide once you sign that contract.

There are reviews available on the internet about services and companies across all industries. This information is just a click away! It is best to read these reviews before making up your mind.

Another important characteristic to look for is a provider’s focus on improving customer communication and experience. It’s not just about what the provider is saying. Pay attention to HOW they deliver the message. A service provider who cares about your needs will ensure that you are regularly updated about what YOU must know, instead of who they are and what they have done. It shows a willingness to keep current, so you can be confident they have the latest information.

Are they providing the right information about the adjustment to the laws? How mostly do they give details? Are they persistent with their message? Do they share tips about fire safety? Are they all about you and less about them? These are just some considerations when assessing smoke alarm companies’ commitment to clients.

Smoke Alarm qld legislation

A Queensland owned provider can better help you align with the QLD Legislation

The new QLD Legislation outlines strict rules on smoke alarm installation, placement, and timeframe of implementation. Naturally, it is advisable to have a service provider located in the state. There are a lot of advantages in hiring a “home-grown talent”. Firstly, you know that they are proud to support the local community. Secondly, their technicians live in the area they service, which means they should be fast, agile, and on time. Lastly, they know how to apply the QLD Legislation to local homes. After all, Queensland now has the most comprehensive smoke alarm legislation in the country.

Queenland Owned

Smoke alarm companies with an online system makes working with them easier for you

You can achieve many things online. That includes tracking of jobs in real time. Smoke alarm companies who value your precious time develop an online system to keep you informed on how the job is going and give you easy access to compliance certification. This will not only save you time but will also make your experience smooth and worry-free. With the many things that you need to do in a day, it would be great to partner with a supplier who will promptly take action to give the best services you deserve.

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Pick a smoke alarm company that promotes safety, not just compliance with QLD Legislation

While compliance with the QLD Legislation is a priority, it will not give 100 percent guarantee that a fire will not hit your property. A smoke alarm provider, who puts a value on safety knows that QLD Legislation compliance is just one aspect to achieving fire safety and are dedicated to spreading the safety message to their property managers and homeowners.  The key to fire safety is prevention. Your best smoke alarm provider cares about your safety, not just your compliance.

The quality of service and competence of your provider will affect your property’s fire safety. Invest time researching before confirming a contract with a smoke alarm company and any supplier providing service for your household.  It is best to take your time in analysing a provider’s credentials, reputation, service quality, and customer focus instead of making hasty decisions that you might end up regretting in the future.

Safe Home Services makes QLD Legislation compliance easy and more affordable!

At Safe Home Services, we go the extra mile to ensure that every homeowner in the state can comply with the new QLD Legislation the easy and more affordable way.

To make this possible, we offer homeowners the option to upgrade their property over time, rather than all at once, with just one significant cost!

The average house with two alarms right now will need the following to comply with the new QLD Legislation:

  1. Replacement for the two existing alarms to comply with AS 3786-2014
  2. Another alarm for each bedroom.

On average, that’s a total of five alarms which a considerable cost in one big bill.

Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation

Our solution? Gradual installation and gradual billing

For rental properties, we can install new alarms as they are required, and add alarms on each of our visits.

  • We visit the property once or twice a year, and install one additional alarm each year, raising an invoice each time. This way, your bill is spread over time.
  • The alarms will expire at different times. This means that in ten years, the owner will only be presented with gradual bills.

Safe Home Services provides safety and peace of mind to our customers through the installation and maintenance of smoke alarm systems. We are committed to making every home in Queensland a SAFE HOME.

Are you thinking of shifting to a new provider or are still looking for smoke alarm companies to guide you with compliance and fire safety? We are here to help! Click a button below, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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