New Qld Smoke Alarm Rules: Are Your Managed Properties Compliant?

As a property manager, you play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and protection of owners and tenants. As such, they rely on you for advice on compliance with the new Qld Smoke Alarm Legislation and other relevant rules and regulations that could help mitigate damages to life and assets. As a trusted advisor, [...]

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Property Management: Key Strategies to Keep Clients Happy

A property manager’s success in real estate doesn’t happen overnight. It requires time, experience and a strong network to stay ahead in today’s market competition. Trusted and successful property managers take a more proactive approach to ensure client satisfaction from the beginning of the partnership. Here are key strategies to keep your clients happy and [...]

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The Perfect Way to Welcome New Tenants

The arduous search for new tenants is over! You’ve finally found the one – the perfect tenant for the property you’re managing. For you, this is a time to celebrate the much-awaited clinch to the long hours of tenant screening. For your tenants, on the other hand, it might be a different story. An impending [...]

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Linked Smoke Alarms: Protect Your Pets from Winter Fires

Linked smoke alarms significantly contribute to home fire safety this winter. They not only protect you, your property, and other material assets, they also keep your furry friends safe from fires. If you consider your pets important members of the family, you’ll do everything to provide them with a safe shelter that can protect them [...]

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How to Attract Different Types of Tenants

As a property manager, you’re much like a matchmaker. You sort through prospective tenants to find one that best suits the property. When you meet one that fits the bill, you arrange for them to make the commitment, and hope the union leads to a permanent tenancy (or at least until the contract expires). Sounds [...]

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