Microwave Oven Fire Safety Tips

Most of us use a Microwave Oven every day, and it’s easy to take anything that convenient for granted. Here’s a brief science lesson and some tips to keep you safe: Microwave ovens transmit radiation that excites water molecules. If there are no moisture available, other less volatile molecules will absorb the radiation and begin to [...]

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Queensland Fire Safety: Ways to Prevent House Fires

Homeowners and residents greatly contribute to Queensland fire safety. Fire is a threat to everyone and those who don’t prepare often experience most of the damages when a blaze occurs. Obviously, we all want to give our family a higher chance of survival by taking important fire prevention steps. One of which is to update [...]

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Smoke Detectors: A Must Know

A fire comes like a thief in the night – It occurs when your defences are down. It can start in seconds, and engulf everything you worked hard for in just minutes. But that doesn’t mean that fire is invincible. One of the easiest ways to protect yourself and your family from fatal fires is [...]

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How to Safely Evacuate a Home After You Hear Your Smoke Alarms

Having smoke alarms will not guarantee 100 percent fire safety. There is still more preparation that you need to keep all the residents in your home safe. During an emergency, everyone in the home needs to know how to react once the fire is detected. Here is what you have to do to safely evacuate [...]

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Two Things to Remember When Installing New Smoke Alarms

If you are installing new smoke alarms this year, you must consider some key factors to ensure your compliance with the new Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation. The amended laws have particular provisions about the type, placement, and interconnection of alarms to use. It can be very confusing for homeowners and property managers to know if [...]

Tips to Choose the Best Fire Detector for Your Property

When it comes to your property, you don’t want to take chances. You want to install the best fire detector available in the market to ensure fire safety, protection, and compliance. But how exactly are you going to know what smoke alarms to install? Here are tips to help you pick the best fire detector [...]

Five Common Misconceptions about House Fire Alarms

We know about Queensland’s strong mandate on the use of house fire alarms. However, there are still some of us who doubt their importance and why they should be in our homes. Sadly, there are a lot of misconceptions about fire alarms that hinder homeowners from complying with regulations. Here are five fallacies about house [...]

Fire Alarm System: Put a Freeze on Winter Fire Emergencies

Do you have a robust fire alarm system that can protect your home from fires this winter? Just because summer’s over doesn’t mean you can put the brakes on home fire safety. According to statistics, 43 percent of fire incidents take place during winter. That’s almost half of the total fatalities each year! Use a [...]

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Ionisation Smoke Alarm: Why It Doesn’t Comply with the New Legislation?

The installation of ionisation smoke alarm used to be allowed in Queensland. But with the new smoke alarm laws in place, the technology requirements have changed. From January 1, 2017, moving forward, all new smoke alarms that will go into every property must only be photoelectric alarms that comply with Australian Standards 3786:2014. The legislation [...]

Home Fire Alarms: Requirements Under the New Laws

Not all home fire alarms are created equal. They differ in price, features, and response time. In Queensland, not just any type of smoke alarm will do. The amended smoke alarm legislation has stringent requirements and schedule of implementation when it comes to the home fire alarms to install. Here are the important requirements for home [...]