Owners rely on property managers like you to ensure their investment is safe and as profitable as it can. In today’s competitive market, keeping a client is harder than it sounds.  How do you stand out in a sea of competitors?

It’s time for a self-check! Here are top characteristics property owners are looking for in a property manager. Do these qualities shine through in everything you do?

1. Communication

Communication is key and property managers who set the tone early have great relationships with owners, and get the results everyone is looking for. Open communication with owners makes the bad news easier to deliver, improves maintenance turnaround times and that in turn keeps tenants in place for longer, and with less issue. The same goes for tenant contact as well -they know where they stand and are more likely to communicate with you in the same way.

Keep your owners in the loop, and make a habit of calling a few each week for no good reason, just a chat. It’s a proven way improve those bad news conversations!

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2. Knowledge

Queensland has strict safety laws governing residential properties, and the new smoke alarm law is a good example. Homeowners rely on their property managers for advice and recommendations to ensure compliance and protection. As a property manager, educating your owners about these rules will provide them more options and ensure they can make the best decision for their property.

Not familiar with the new Qld Smoke Alarm Legislation? Click here to download our FREE INFO MATERIALS.

3. Available

There is a fine line between being reactive and proactive in this way. A whole day can be hijacked returning phone calls and emails, but it is important to be available to both the owners and tenants.

Owners will reach out every now and then to check in on the status of their investment, and as their property manager, they expect you to be available to them for concerns regarding their home/s. You’re also expected to provide timely resolution to tenant concerns.

It’s not always possible to have all the answers but by responding and providing a timeframe, you will set expectations and hopefully keep most of your day running as planned. Don’t forget to Under Promise and Over Deliver on those timeframes!

4. Responsible

A property manager’s choice of supplier shows how much they care about the investment. When suppliers deliver on their promises, you can rest assured that the property is in good hands. This is especially true when it comes to your smoke alarm provider. Because they have access to the property and interact with your tenants, you must be sure that they cause no disruption to the household. Are they on time? Do they have excellent customer service? Do they get the job done right the first time? Do they leave the site exactly as they found it?

To find the best supplier, do your due diligence, research their product, and ask around to verify their reputation. Remember, you will be judged by their performance.

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5. Even Handed

You know your owners and your tenants better than anyone, and there are few jobs that have so much personal contact involved. Ensure you have a system in place so certain aspects are looked after. Systemize your assertiveness with late payers in a process that runs itself, and augment that with personal and where appropriate, patient conversations. Many Property Managers find the tough conversations are the most exhausting, so let the system sort out those you really need to have, and get on to them early! Never a dull day for a property manager, right?

Every day the Safe Home team is reminded just how tough it can be to be a property manager.

We know your challenges, and respect how hard you work. If you need help with smoke alarms or need more information about the new Qld Smoke Alarm Legislation, we’re at your service!

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