Home Safety and Ways to Promote It

Establishing home safety for your family is, of course, your top priority. Most injuries are predictable and preventable, and you can do so much to make sure that your home environment is as safe as possible. Thankfully, most of these concerns can be addressed quickly by installing devices such as smoke alarms and taking proactive [...]

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The Best Queensland Smoke Alarms

The best Queensland smoke alarms will give residents a stronger chance of surviving a house fire. Following the newly amended smoke alarm legislation, property managers and homeowners must be cautious when choosing smoke alarms for their property. Under the new rules, all new smoke alarms that go into the property starting January 1, 2017, must [...]

Home Fire Alarms: Requirements Under the New Laws

Not all home fire alarms are created equal. They differ in price, features, and response time. In Queensland, not just any type of smoke alarm will do. The amended smoke alarm legislation has stringent requirements and schedule of implementation when it comes to the home fire alarms to install. Here are the important requirements for home [...]

Fire Smoke Alarms – How a small device can save lives

Your home is your sanctuary. It is naturally the only place in the world that you would want to retreat to after a long day at work. But is your sanctuary a secure location for you? Do you have the necessary smoke alarms in place to make sure it’s fire safe? Fire can engulf everything [...]

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