Securing Your Children’s Safety this Bushfire Season

We live in a world where natural disasters happen and in the case of a bushfire, sometimes with little warning.  As a parent, you know it’s the safety of the children that are most important in these times. Their survival depends on your ability to move quickly, and with kids, that’s not always easy! So [...]

Tips to Avoid Fatal Risks Before, During and After a Bushfire

Bushfires cause loss of life and millions in damage every year in Australia. It creates an absolute threat to many properties during summer, particularly in the hot and dry environment commonly associated with the season. You should be well-prepared to avoid the potential risks that might happen when a devastating bushfire attacks your home. What [...]

Pets on a Plane: A Successful Evacuation Story

Bushfires are uncontrolled blaze which can burn acres of land and impact populated areas. They spread quickly and consume everything in their path in mere minutes. Recently, a ferocious bushfire raged through Alberta, Cananda, forcing nearly 90,000 people to evacuate. Both people and animals have been affected by the blaze, and many struggled to keep [...]

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What Fatal Fire Incidents Taught Us

Queenslanders will never forget the fatal fire incidents that happened years ago, which resulted in damage to property, catastrophic injuries, and deaths. As part of lessons learned from these tragedies, we now have stricter rules on the installation of residential smoke detectors and increased focus on fire prevention. These are proof that communities and the [...]

Ways to Keep Your Home Prepared for a Bush fire

Here’s something we can all agree on: The more you prepare your home, the more you will keep it protected from a deadly bush fire. One way to ensure fire safety 24/7 is to install smoke detectors. But apart from having this device, did you know that there are other ways you can contribute to [...]