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Property Management: Key Strategies to Keep Clients Happy

A property manager’s success in real estate doesn’t happen overnight. It requires time, experience and a strong network to stay ahead in today’s market competition. Trusted and successful property managers take a more proactive approach [...]

Home Safety and Ways to Promote It

Establishing home safety for your family is, of course, your top priority. Most injuries are predictable and preventable, and you can do so much to make sure that your home environment is as safe as [...]

Steps in Choosing the Best Smoke Alarm

Early warning is vital to escape a burning house.  Fire emergency is a situation no one wants to face, but firefighters fight thousands of home fires every year. That is why every home in Australia [...]

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Smoke detector Program: A Community’s Fire Safety Initiative

A smoke detector program for the elderly recently saved the life of a woman during a fire in her home. She had the smoke detector serviced by firefighters only a few months earlier. Wangaratta Fire [...]

Microwave Oven Fire Safety Tips

Most of us use a Microwave Oven every day, and it’s easy to take anything that convenient for granted. Here’s a brief science lesson and some tips to keep you safe: Microwave ovens transmit radiation that [...]

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New Qld Legislation Compliance: The Solution to Your Worries

If you’re worried about maintaining smoke alarms and ensuring compliance with the new QLD Legislation, a trusted smoke alarm provider can offer the help you need. Smoke alarm service providers are your ultimate partners in [...]