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Queensland Fire Safety: Ways to Prevent House Fires

Homeowners and residents greatly contribute to Queensland fire safety. Fire is a threat to everyone and those who don’t prepare often experience most of the damages when a blaze occurs. Obviously, we all want to [...]

A picture of hope

The damage caused by Hurricane Harvey paints a bleak picture. The number of confirmed deaths continues to rise. Thousands of people and hundreds of pets have been displaced from their homes. Nearly 50,000 houses have [...]

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The Best Queensland Smoke Alarms

The best Queensland smoke alarms will give residents a stronger chance of surviving a house fire. Following the newly amended smoke alarm legislation, property managers and homeowners must be cautious when choosing smoke alarms for [...]

Firefighters Save Courageous Kids

A natural disaster brings extreme stress into your life. In any major catastrophe, such as an earthquake, your top priority is to ensure the safety of your loved ones. Here’s an inspiring story of three [...]

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Smoke Detectors: A Must Know

A fire comes like a thief in the night – It occurs when your defences are down. It can start in seconds, and engulf everything you worked hard for in just minutes. But that doesn’t [...]

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Tips to Avoid Fatal Risks Before, During and After a Bushfire

Bushfires cause loss of life and millions in damage every year in Australia. It creates an absolute threat to many properties during summer, particularly in the hot and dry environment commonly associated with the season. [...]